We are a company limited by guarantee, with charitable status.  Within the company are a number of sub-structures, including an Executive Committee and a range of Working Groups covering such themes as Education and Tourism.

Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee has delegated powers and responsibilities as outlined in its terms of reference. It consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, one representative from each of the four sectors and chairs of the working groups. The Executive Committee is appointed by the Partnership Board on an annual basis.

Working Groups 

The Partnership sets the overall strategic direction for it’s thematic working groups.  These groups have been granted a fair degree of freedom to act for the Partnership through agreed Terms of Reference.  They present an annual programme of work to the Partnership Board for approval and report quarterly on progress.

Neighbourhood Partnerships

DSD provide funding for the Partnership to support two Neighbourhood Partnerships (NPs): the Inner East Neighbourhood Partnership and Tullycarnet Neighbourhood Partnership. The NPs are currently in the form of ‘coalitions of interest’ and are not separate legal entities. ESP provides administrative and practical support and facilitation for the NPs.

Subsidiary Companies

The Partnership has a number of subsidiary companies. These are:

  • Avec Solutions, a company providing a range of consultancy and online services, primarily to the third sector in Northern Ireland
  • Connswater Community Greenway Trust, a company supporting the positive use of the Connswater Community Greenway as a catalyst for the ongoing regeneration of East Belfast
  • EastSide Arts, a company developing, supporting and delivering a wide range of arts activity across East Belfast
  • Landmark East, a property development company which acquires and redevelops derelict/vacant sites in East Belfast